Twitterpated Excuse my French X Tunnelwood Phantom

Tunnelwood Phantom


Werk: AV novice stake 1ste

           South West area NWT 1ste

           Exmore gundog Club WT 1ste

FlatcoatedRetrieverSociety WT Open 3de

PL: Vrij

HD: A (hips 2:2)

Eyes: Vrij(inl. Gonio)

Twitterpated Excuse my French

Show: 3 zg

Werk: SJP A 1ste prijs 

           SJP A 5de

PL: Vrij

HD/ED: A/Vrij

Eyes: Vrij

Gonio: niet vrij


Baidu is an easy trainable , cheerful dog, loves to be with people, children and other animals.
She is bred by us from working lines of which the good performances can be found on the pedigree.

Grandma Zelda and mother Bizzy also succeded on SJP A, MAP A diplomas, and were invited to the BKB and WFRG Trophy.

Bizzy has qualified for the Champions Trophy.

As her offspring Baidu inherited her natural working abilities and is very focussed.
At the age of 14 months she acheived her first CDD B with a 3rd prize and at the age of 2 years and 2 months she

succeded her first SJP A diploma with a 1st place and the qualification for for the BKB and the WFRG trophy.

Baidu has her own FB Page where you can track her from birth.
click here

Saxon is the call name of Tunnelwood Phantom (owner Steve Ashby)

Saxon is the offspring of an old, very well-known English kennel, kennel that considers working qualities to be of paramount importance.
This beautiful male comes from FTA English working lines.
Saxon won 3x first prize in English WT at the age of 4 in 2018.
Saxon lives in England

The coverage / mating is expected to take place at the end of 2019
Only black puppies are expected.

Contact 0031-612474991


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